Wholesale Products for Your Specific Needs

CBD and vitamin supplements are an excellent revenue opportunity for  your business or medical practice.  Private Label Partners can provide you with wholesale CBD infused products, as well as assist you in creating your own exclusive formulations. Bulk CBD is also available for your own production needs.


White Label

Launch your brand quickly and easily with our premium finished products. Select from over 150 Health & Wellness, Beauty & Personal Care and Pet Products.

Private Label

We can formulate a private label product that is exclusively yours. Our in-house Research & Development team of experts can create any product you can imagine.


Blank Bottle

By purchasing blank bottles of our finished products, you save money and have the freedom to design and apply your own personally branded lablels.

Bulk CBD/Supply Contracts

A wide selection of bulk options are available from 1 kg to over 1,000 kgs. Supply Contracts can serve your immediate or long term needs.