Create your own brand with premium products

Now you can profit on the rapidly growing CBD industry while creating your own brand.

By purchasing blank bottles of our finished products, you save money and have the freedom to design and apply your own custom branded labels.

Blank bottle program benefits

No Minimum Order

Purchase as many units of each product as you wish, there is no minimum order quantity in our Blank Bottle Program.

Label templates provided

We will include a complimentary label template for each type of product you order, ensuring that the labels you create will fit perfectly when applied.

fast shipping

All Blank Bottle Program orders are shipping within 2 business days.

Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis are available for each product offered in our Blank Bottle Program. No need to send the products out to a lab – we can provide a COA with each order.

Product Options and Details

  • All of our Finished Products are available for the Blank Bottle program.
  • There is no Minimum Order Quantity for these products.
  • Private Label Services are available for this product.
  • Custom bottles may be used, please inquire for details.